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August 21, 2018



Marie McCourt Signs Pledge for Government Transparency and Accountability;
Fourteen Other Women Legislative Candidates Push for Culture
Change on Beacon Hill

(Granby, MA) - At 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 21, Marie McCourt, progressive Democrat for State Representative, and fourteen other Democratic women running to make change in both chambers of the Massachusetts Legislature publicly pledged to push for greater government transparency and accountability. “I pledge to stand for roll calls and to advocate for greater transparency and accountability within the Massachusetts Legislature. Elected leaders should be on record, supporting or opposing proposals on Beacon Hill,” the fifteen women pledged.

Presently, roll calls are the way legislators publicly vote on bills. In a roll call vote, each legislator is asked to vote “yea” or “nay” on the bill at issue and each vote is published, on the record. Roll call votes are not mandatory, and occur when requested and supported by at least ten percent (10%) of elected Representatives or one-fifth (⅕) of the Senators present. Without a legislator requesting a roll call and sufficient support for that roll call, a voice vote proceeds, yielding unrecorded, essentially secret votes.

All fifteen women pledge-signers are running to make government work for the people of their districts, spanning the entire Commonwealth. Central to the idea of a “government for the people” is that the people actually know what their legislators do and how they vote on the various policies before them. In addition to the Transparency Pledge, several of these women have stated they would vote to make the public records law applicable to the Legislature. “Legislators should be in the business of serving the people,” said Rausch. “Hiding behind the curtain does a disservice to constituents and the legislative process. I am proud to have spearheaded this pledge, and honored to stand with my fellow candidates. I look forward to bringing my first-hand experience in state government, creating and implementing protocols to increase transparency, to the people of my district and the Legislature.”

The pledge-signers have already heard from others seeking to join them in pledging to increase government transparency and accountability. Those wishing to follow the pledge, or ask their legislators to sign on, can search for #TransparencyPledge on social media.

Pledge-signers running for State Senate are: Samantha Hammar (5th Middlesex) and Becca Rausch (Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex).

Pledge-signers running for State Representative are: Emily Farrer (3rd Bristol); Tami Gouveia (14th Middlesex);  Allison Gustavson (4th Essex); Sabrina Heisey (36th Middlesex); Erika Johnson (19th Middlesex); Lori Lennon (23rd Middlesex); Marie McCourt (2nd Hampshire); Tanya Neslusan (1st Hampden); Maria Robinson (6th Middlesex); Lindsay Sabadosa (1st Hampshire); Mary Ann Stewart (15th Middlesex); Gretchen Van Ness (14th Suffolk); and Francia Wisnewski (1st Franklin).




With over 20 years of experience advocating for diabetes research and working in education, Granby resident Marie McCourt is a lifelong advocate for social justice, fairness, and equality for all people. Utilizing her research on leadership and experience in local government, as State Representative Marie McCourt will prioritize progressive social policies that support families and strengthen our communities. To learn more about Marie’s campaign for MA State Representative in the 2nd Hampshire District (Easthampton, Granby precinct 2, Hadley, South Hadley) please visit


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Marching Forward, Making History


Winfred F. Forward, the only State Representative in history to hail from Granby, MA

During the Great Depression, Winfred F. Forward, a farmer from the tiny town of Granby on the west-side of Massachusetts, was looking for opportunity and a job. In 1931 jobs were in short supply, but the Granby resident and selectman had landed himself a great job: state representative. Once on Beacon Hill, Forward would bring forth legislation with his fellow farmers in mind. He brought forward bills on the regulation of the slaughter of cows with tuberculosis as well as legislation regulating the production of milk and cream. Forward left the state house in 1934. He was the only state representative ever to hail from Granby.

            Marie McCourt, a local Democratic and community activist, hopes to change that. Forward was a Republican, but McCourt sees some similarities with Granby’s first state representative. “Win Forward was a farmer. His experience informed his legislative career. Like him, my life experience is the driving force behind my candidacy. I’ve lived some of the ups and downs of the people of the 2nd Hampshire District. I’ve also experienced the good that government can do when there are good people in place.”

            Although she has never been a farmer, McCourt is no stranger to farm work. “When my husband Matt and I were dating, I would join him and his father haying the fields on their farm. I was right out there with them. Throwing bales onto the truck. Driving--and sometimes--fixing the truck. It’s funny what people do for love.”

Although not working the fields of Granby any longer, Marie continues to work hard on its behalf. McCourt is well-known for her hands-on work ethic while eschewing the spotlight.   “It’s really important to understand people from the perspective of their work. What they do says a lot about who they are and what they need.”

            Aside from politics, McCourt and Forward also share experience in fraternal organizations. A long-time member of the Granby Lions Club, McCourt has served as president of the organization. She continues as a member and supervises food safety for their fundraising events. Forward was a Deputy Director of Grand Master of the Masons and a member of The Grange. At one point he traveled across the state to install the master of the Andover Grange.

             “I didn’t grow up with a lot of money. My father died when I was young, my mother raised me alone,” said McCourt. “Living during the Depression, Win Forward must have known incredible hardships. He was the son of French-Canadian immigrants. He began life as a farmer and made it from Granby to Beacon Hill. I’d call that one terrific American dream.” With a grin she added,  “I think we’re due for another shot, don’t you?”







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